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Freedom reborn!!

The Free Software Users Group, Thrissur has abandoned its state of inactivity and is planning for its rebirth. I was lucky enough to be present in the what Hiran called a zeroth meeting of the FSUGTSR.

Pramode sir presided over the meeting in which we discussed various activities which the FSUGTSR plans to conduct. Among this, joining The Freedom Walk will be our first task. The first official meeting will be conducted at Govt. Engineering College, Thrissur soon along with an install fest.A lot of tasks are to follow.

The need for such a users group is obvious. I experienced many difficulties when i wanted to switch from Windows to Linux. The major problem i faced was the lack of CD sources. Of course, I know now that the isos are freely available for download from the internet. But at that time all i had was a 56k dial-up connection which only connected to the internet when it felt like. Everywhere i went, every Hardware dealer, had copies of Windows(needless to say, pirated) only. I got one from Canonical Ltd. who shipped them freely to me. (I owe them a lot, but for them i would have been stuck with windows). If i got stuck up somewhere doing somethin, i had noone to ask. There was one instance when i had to reinstall ubuntu when all i had to do was a simple diskcheck. We aim to put all that to an end and to become a support group to all those who need it.

The web site of FSUGTSR has been modified and is up. There is nothing much to write about this now. But i am too excited, not to make a blog post. Updates will be posted later.


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