Freedom reborn!!

The Free Software Users Group, Thrissur has abandoned its state of inactivity and is planning for its rebirth. I was lucky enough to be present in the what Hiran called a zeroth meeting of the FSUGTSR.

Pramode sir presided over the meeting in which we discussed various activities which the FSUGTSR plans to conduct. Among this, joining The Freedom Walk will be our first task. The first official meeting will be conducted at Govt. Engineering College, Thrissur soon along with an install fest.A lot of tasks are to follow.

The need for such a users group is obvious. I experienced many difficulties when i wanted to switch from Windows to Linux. The major problem i faced was the lack of CD sources. Of course, I know now that the isos are freely available for download from the internet. But at that time all i had was a 56k dial-up connection which only connected to the internet when it felt like. Everywhere i went, every Hardware dealer, had copies of Windows(needless to say, pirated) only. I got one from Canonical Ltd. who shipped them freely to me. (I owe them a lot, but for them i would have been stuck with windows). If i got stuck up somewhere doing somethin, i had noone to ask. There was one instance when i had to reinstall ubuntu when all i had to do was a simple diskcheck. We aim to put all that to an end and to become a support group to all those who need it.

The web site of FSUGTSR has been modified and is up. There is nothing much to write about this now. But i am too excited, not to make a blog post. Updates will be posted later.


6 Responses to “Freedom reborn!!”

  1. 1 Anish Bhaskaran September 30, 2008 at 4:59 pm

    Introduction: I am your senior from GEC, 2007 passout.

    I am really happy to see FSUGT come to life again. The site is super cool. please pass my congratulations, thanks etc etc to all who have worked behind this. This is a really good move and I expect to see a lot more. You can contact me for any kinda help. Do not expect me to be of much use but still 🙂

    Some tiny-miny comments on the website
    1. We are a group of GNU/Linux and Free Software enthusiasts.. can be changed to “We are a group of Free Software and GNU/Linux enthusiasts..”. The point to highlight must be that we love free software, GNU/Linux just being one of them.
    2. Where did the previous issues of semaphore go?
    3. I thought we had an email id or if not we can create an email id (something) which would be kept in contact us page and in the invite page for semaphore. Dragging pramode sir into this looks bad 🙂

    I am really sorry for the long post and putting all the website related things on your blog. basically i don’t know who has taken the effort and i do believe that you will make my post visible to whoever responsible. Thanks!

    All the best in all your endeavors and keep up the great spirit.

    Anish Bhaskaran

  2. 2 Aswin September 30, 2008 at 9:28 pm

    Thanks for the advice. We’ll put that to effect as soon as possible. Hope you have registered in FSUGTSR. Thank you very much for your support and co-operation. Expect to meet you later in the community.

  3. 3 jainbasil October 1, 2008 at 12:38 pm

    Hello to Anish Bhaskaran…

    I have made necessary changes to the website as you recommended. We are trying to install mailman into our server to get an email id AT We will publish this shortly. I have given pramode sir’s id as a substitue; just for making a contact with the authors. We will change this to our new official Id of fsugtsr as we get the id up.
    thank you for your valuable considerations,

    jainbasil aliyas

  4. 4 Anish Bhaskaran October 2, 2008 at 12:30 am

    Cool Guys!! Thanks for the prompt responses. I think you should contact previous website maintainer because i believe we had one email address. Someone from mobin’s batch should now. I will contact mobin and get back to you soon.


  5. 5 Pirsey April 22, 2009 at 12:30 pm

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  6. 6 seilladarcelp May 25, 2009 at 5:26 am

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