I got a new destop look…..

As many people have pointed out, i am mad about good looking destops themes even though it costs me a large amount of RAM. By themes I mean a good looking desktop which is usable and appealing. It’s really a good thing i switched to ubuntu. I can now have my own desktop style.(That’s not the only reason though. It is the best OS i have ever seen).

See my screenshots.

You need to have some themes. You can select the ones which u like. the icon theme i used is Blood drops.You can download some good themes from here.

I deleted the top panel. Increased the bottom panel width to 40 and added some applets to the panel.

The arrows you see in the left edge of the screen are also panels. Just right click on any panel and click add new panel. Uncheck expand.  Check the show hide buttons. I ncrease the panel width to about 70. Drag the panel to position(Drag by clicking the middle button).

Resize the icons as you wish(Just right click and there is the option). The firefox icon in the desktop is not a part of the wall paper. It is an icon!!!


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