Learning to review…

It has been a long time since I have blogged about anything. Of course, lazyness is a man’s greatest enemy. These days I learned nothing but a wide variety of ways to waste time productively. uh… I meant to write short reviews for some films I have seen lately, so, here goes…rabnebana_m

Me and my friends saw Rab ne bana di jodi at Ragam Theatre, Thrissur. We went there with great expectations about the film. I can say, I was not dissapointed at all. I am not much of a ‘reviewer’. So I’ll  just say I loved the film. The film is about a man who disguises himself to make his life happy. It is a slow one, still you don’t get bored. The songs are simply great. Shahruk is beginning to show his age, but he has not lost his charm. One feels the ‘King Khan Effect’ all through the film. Anushka Sharma is good.

lollipopThe next fillm I saw this week was Lollipop at Radha, Calicut. I went with my parents because they compelled me to. All the reviews I heard about the film were surprisingly bad. But I have to say, the Lollipop team had me change my opinon. There was so much to laugh. Every one was simply stunning. I espessially liked Salim Kumar and Suraj. The only thing I didn’t like about the film was the climax. It was so poor and I knew why some of my friends warned me not to watch the film. I would say the film is worth watching if you are not a lover of those ‘good films’.

ghajini-movie-posterThe very next day I saw Ghajini at Davison, Calicut. We managed to get the tickets and find good seats. I haven’t yet seen the Tamil version of Ghajini, so the plot was totally new to me in vision though I have heared the story. Also I have watched ‘Memento’ which is the story of a man with a similiar ailment. The film is worth watching. Asin and Aamir rocked. I would see the film again just to see their face expressions. I would advise you to watch Memento too.


1 Response to “Learning to review…”

  1. 1 devidas January 16, 2009 at 1:06 am

    nice way to begin.i liked ghajini as well….:)

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