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Denial of service : Do it the SMS way!!

Python S60

Denial of service (affectionately known as DoS attack), is an attempt to make a resource unavailable to its intended users. One simple method involves bombarding the victim with external communication requests.

Planning such an attack on a friend’s mobile phone needs these things

  • A Symbian Smartphone
  • Python
  • A service provider which gives you unlimited SMS. (Airtel gives 4400 sms for Rs.44 recharge which is practically unlimited unless you have some serious grudge against someone)

Let us see how this works. What happens if your phone receives a 100 messages in 5 minutes. Yeah! It stops working.(Only for short time. I don’t intend to cause a permanent damage). Now, sending 100 SMS from a phone, especially a symbian phone is a tedious task unless you have a python interpreter. So get it from here and install it. (You will need two files. Python for S60 and Python Script Shell)

Copy this  script to the ‘Python’ folder in your memory card. (Remeber that the extension has to be .py)

Start the interpreter.
Select Options->Run Script
Select the script from the list.
Fire away!!

Here are some screenshots of the program in action.

Here is the code.

Disclaimer : Python S60 is a fantastic piece of software. You can do al lot of interesting and ‘useful’ things with it. Please donot think that I am a bad person because all I did with it was irritate someone. This is my first (supposedly) working python program. There may be better ways to do this. If you find any errors or have any suggestions, please let me know.

PS: Actually major part of the code above is just garbage for that user interface. Actually, the line

messaging.sms_send( phone_no_as_string, body_as_unicode_string)

sends an sms. Simply use it in a for loop to send as many as you want.

PS again : Many thanks to @neo2904 for letting me test this software on him. 🙂


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